About Me 2


Inspiration and challenge

For making my artistic furniture and objects I can be inspired by an impression, an image, a feeling or an idea. The challenge then is to materialize this by the use of wood and paint in a tangible something.

The impression can be something small:

- such as, for example, the differences in facial expressions of cats

wooden storage cabinets    wood storage cabinet with doors

cheerful looking cat           gruff looking cat

the grill of BMW roadster Z3


- or an overwhelming impression such as an exhibition of Fabergé's work

:Carl Fabergé      lockable storage cabinet

- or the idea of ​​using materials in a form other than that for which they are intended:

white display cabinet    abstract sculpture    small storage cabinet

spade handles       4 cupboard legs   with grill from BMW Z3


The process

I design and build all objects myself, so I have the right base for painting and decorating. By building the objects myself it is also possible to take into account the drawing of the wood grain and make use of it.

I mainly paint with transparent paints. Several layers of transparent paint of the same or different colors have their own effect in terms of color and depth. Decorating with gold leaf and crystal beads are the icing on the cake.

The inside of an object is just as important to me as the outside. The decorated inside has an element of surprise when opening doors, drawers and boxes.       wooden boxes

By also ensuring a perfect finish of my decorative art, the whole process is very labor intensive.



After working with oil paint for several years, I came up with the idea in 1995 to experiment with transparent paints. Wood turned out to be the right base. The structure of wood gives depth to the transparent painting. As a bonus, the wood grain remains visible.



The motivation for my choice of (utility) objects and for the careful and time-consuming way in which I carry out my work can be traced back to various causes:

First of all, I am a "peter exactly"

Second, I noticed the phenomenon of a growing 'throwaway society':

The throwaway society is a human society strongly influenced by consumerism. The term describes a critical view of overconsumption and overproduction of disposable items rather than durable goods that can be repaired ”(Wikipedia)

Mass production is essential for a disposable culture. In addition to cheap materials, large numbers are needed. Bad for the environment !

I use sustainable natural materials and there is only one item of each finished object.
For each object I look for the right combination of shape, size, colour and pattern.
With the aim to make a unique and timeless quality object.

But above all, I would like that when you see my work you raise an eyebrow and think "I have never seen anything like this before".


All items are for sale.

The priced items on this website can be purchased by clicking the "Buy Now" button. You will then leave this website and be connected to the website of SaatchiArt.com. SaatchiArt offers a good service to buyer and seller and delivers worldwide.
Objects that are not priced are not on SaatchiArt. If you are interested in one of these, please contact me.