About Me 2

What I do

My aim is to make unique wooden objects. Decorative objects and small single pieces of furniture that also can be used practically.

The process

I design and build the wooden objects myself. So I know I have the high quality base I want for my painting and decorating.
For painting I developed the technique of using mainly transparent paints.  Several layers of transparent paints give a special effect in terms of colour and depth. Decorating with gold leaf and crystal beads is the cherry on the cake.
The ornamental objects, the storage cabinets, wooden boxes with hinged lids,  small side tables and wall clocks are all made of natural wood. Every object  gets a perfect finishing level. Working 100 hours or more at an object is not unusual : getting materials, building, sanding, painting,  finishing paint, applying gold leaf.
Painting the inside of an object is as important to me as painting the outside. Opening doors, drawers and boxes will have a surprise element.


After making oil paintings on canvas for some years I got the idea to paint with different colours of transparent paint. After experimenting with different surfaces, wood turned out to be the right base. Wood creates depth in such a painting because the structure of wood influences the emergence of new transparent colour tones. And as a bonus the wood grain remains visible.
And so I started creating home art that I wanted to last and give people joy for a long time.

Motivation and Inspiration

When I started my wood sculpturing and painting in 1995 I didn’t feel I was an artist that wanted to denounce social statements. But I think time has overtaken me.
The inspiration for my choice of objects and motivation for the careful and time consuming way I carry out my objects, can be traced back to various causes : 

1* For a longer time I noticed in my immediate living environment the phenomenon of a growing “throw-away society”. People buying lots of cheap products, also furniture, that were strongly subject to wear and fashion.

The throw-away society is a human society strongly influenced by consumerism. The term describes a critical view of overconsumption and excessive production of short-lived or disposable items over durable goods that can be repaired (Wikipedia)

So you buy it, use it and if you don’t want it anymore because it’s out of fashion or it is worn out throw it away and buy new. But cheap is expensive. And not only from a financial point of view  given the attention to the consequences for the environment.

2*Even in the modern art world I noticed that when valuing a work of art, the expression of the work is decisive and the shelf life may be neglected. This may mean that after a few decades the artwork already has to be restored, simply because the materials used are perished.

3*For a disposable culture, mass production is essential. In addition to cheap materials, large numbers are required.

At the other hand one now sees a broader appreciation for the high-end older and new pieces of art, furniture and luxury goods. Unique quality products that bear witness to originality and craftsmanship and that are made of good materials.

*For every object I am always looking for the right combination of form, size, colour and pattern.  For animal images depicting the right proportions and key-characteristics of the animal can make or break down  the end result. Unicorn Creation: only exclusive single piece objects that don’t fit in a “throw-away mentality”.

*I use good quality materials that will last a very long time and every object is different. Only one of each object exists.
Unicorn Creation: durable and original.

*Making my work is very time consuming.

Unicorn Creation: no mass production.

So it seems that with my work I agitate against the throw-away society and so indirectly support a better environment. (which I already did in my private life)

But most of all I like you to raise an eyebrow when you see my work and think ”I have never seen something like that before”.

All items are for sale.
For the priced items on this website you can push the “Buy now” button. You then will leave this website and will be connected with the website of SaatchiArt.com.  I choose to sell via SaatchiArt because they provide good service for buyer and seller and deliver worldwide.
If you are interested in an object that is not priced, the object is not placed on SaatchiArt. Then please contact me.