Mona Lisa
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Sculpture In The Round-Mona Lisa


Sculpture in the round called Mona Lisa.
Colourful painted wooden statue.
Three dimensional version inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s painting. 

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Sculpture in the round inspired by Leonardo Davinci’s painting ‘the Mona Lisa’.

It is still a matter of debate who is depicted in this painting.
Is it a portrait in which Leonardo himself was a model or is it the image of an unknown lady?

My Mona Lisa is part of the 'Historical Ladies' series.
Although we don't know who Mona Lisa really is, it's a well-known name that is familiar to many people.
Just like the names Cleopatra and Catherine de' Medici. The controversy regarding her identity gives me the basis for the elaboration of this sculpture in the round.


Full Round Sculpture-Cleopatra

Full round sculpture representing Pharaoh Cleopatra. Free-standing wooden sculpture, colourful painted on a plain brown background with accents of gold leaf.

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