Decorative boxes

Decorative boxes

Decorative boxes with hinged lids.

Different sizes and colour schemes. Handmade and hand painted solid wooden boxes for decoration and keepsakes.

handcrafted and painted wooden boxes

In a world where functionality and art seamlessly come together, we present an extensive collection of wooden sculptures that not only serve as storage solutions for special items but also as true works of art for your interior. These carefully handcrafted and painted wooden boxes with hinged lids embody craftsmanship and aesthetics, making them a distinctive addition to any space.


Whether you’re looking for a freestanding centerpiece or a functional box for the table, our wooden storage boxes offer a versatile solution for various needs. Ranging from simple storage boxes to decorative jewelry boxes, these wooden boxes promise not only functionality but also bring an artistic element into your daily environment.


The diversity of our collection is reflected in the unique designs of decorative wooden boxes, each with its own character. These boxes are not just storage solutions; they are expressive artworks that reflect your personal style. From understated to striking, our wooden boxes are designed to stimulate the senses and add a refined touch to your living space.

storage boxes

A special addition to our collection is the animal sculptures that function as storage boxes. These charming creations not only add a practical element to your interior but also bring a playful and lively character. Whether it’s an bull, a bird, or another animal, these sculptures combine art and functionality in a unique way.

wooden juwelry boxes

Be enchanted by the decorative wooden jewelry boxes with lids, each carefully crafted to provide secure and elegant storage for your jewelry. The use of high-quality materials and refined finishes ensures that these jewelry boxes are not only functional but also serve as showcases for your favorite accessories.


Within our extensive collection, each wooden box offers a unique perspective on craftsmanship and design. Whether you opt for a refined jewelry box with a rich wood color or a bold animal sculpture with vibrant details, each piece tells its own story. Personalizing your space becomes easy with these versatile wooden boxes, which not only serve as storage solutions but also as decorative artworks.


The versatility of our collection allows you to seamlessly integrate art and functionality into your living space. Explore the unique world of wooden boxes, where each piece is a masterpiece in itself, and where the boundaries between storage and decoration blur. Be inspired by the artisanal finesse and expressive designs of our wooden sculptures, and infuse your home with a touch of artistic sophistication.

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