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Wooden Jewelry Box – El Toro

Black painted wooden jewelry box expressing a bull to defend your  jewellery. Decorative wooden box with gilded ornaments and a surprising inside.

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Wooden jewelry box

Creating this wooden jewelry box with the title El Toro is just one step in a longer process.

This creative process is the combination of :
wanting to depict the appearance of an animal,
to use shovel handles,
and use cabinet legs in combination with a box.

Various locations of the cabinet leg(s) on the box can give the cabinet leg(s) a totally different meaning.

Positioning one leg at the front of the box makes it look like a neck.

But if you imagine 2 cabinet legs pointing backwards, left and right on top of the box it will depict a different animal with horns.  With the right painted pattern it could be a goat. So there are numerous possibilities.


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