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Decorative Storage Furniture – ‘F’


Pink and emerald colored decorative storage furniture draped with a checker pattern of gold leaf. Over 300 crystal beads on the box, cupboard and drawer make this boutique piece really special.


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Decorative storage furniture

When making this decorative storage furniture with the strange and short title “F” I was inspired by the precious artwork of Carl Fabergé (1846-1920). So the F stands for Fabergé and with the punctuation marks I want to indicate that I know that there is a world of difference between his sublime work and my “F”.

As many people, I was familiar with  the world famous Easter Eggs that were commissioned to the House of Fabergé by the tsars Alexander III and Nicolas II of the Romanov dynasty.  But only of photos.

In 2005 I visited an exposition in Brussels (Belgium) showing 14 pieces of the Easter Eggs and many other items like animal sculptures, cigarette cases, flowers, picture frames etc. It was an overwhelming experience because of the artistry, the craftsmanship, the details, the colors and precious materials.

 And then the process of translating these impressions into my own work started.

Resulting in a yellow bowl, a white small box, a blue floor standing box and this pink small storage furniture. All 4 covered with a checked pattern made with yellow gold leaf and small crystal beads.


Works from the House of Fabergé with checked pattern


                 vial with rose trellis lid - Nicolas 2 nephrite box - cross of St. George Egg

Decorative Storage Furniture – KKL “F “

Pink and emerald coloured decorative storage furniture draped with a checker pattern of gold leaf. More than 300 crystal beads cover the box, cupboard and drawer.

Product Brand: Unicorn Creation wood art

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