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Free Standing Statue-Catharina de Medici


Free standing statue presenting Catharine de Medici. Colourful presentation in wood and paint with accents of gold leaf. Wearing a crown on her head. 

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Background information free standing statue

Catherine de' Medici (Florence, April 13, 1519 - Blois, January 5, 1589) was Queen of France from 1547 to 1559.
In October 1533, at the age of 14, she married the equally old Henry II of France, second son of Francis I, who succeeded his father in 1547.
Catharina was exceptionally active as patroness and commissioner of artists and architects.
However, her reputation as an evil poisoner seems grossly exaggerated. (Wikipedia)

Because of this, perhaps unjustified reputation, she is for me a well-known name in history.
Just like the name Cleopatra comes up.

Structure of statue

For this free standing statue, part of a series of 4, I had in mind a very simple shape.
Two upright, nested shelves on a pedestal and with a headboard.
With horizontal spacers for surface division and stability.

This gives a playful 4-sided image and provides beautiful surfaces to paint.




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