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Free Standing Sculpture-Fritza


Free standing statue Fritza in brown colours inspired by the painting of Fritza Riedler by Gustav Klimt. Modern statue of painted wood and gold leaf.

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Free standing sculpture "Fritza"

This free standing sculpture “Fritza” is the result of me being a fan of Gustav Klimt's work.

A visit to "the Belvedere" and the Secession Building in Vienna was a real treat.
In particular, the works from what would later be called Klimt’s "Golden Period": works executed in graphic perfection with an excess of ornamentation, and a lot of gold leaf.

And there I saw the painting of Fritza Riedler and also “The Kiss”.Fritza Riedler

For me, painting / decorating a work is not limited to the outside or front. So all sides and the inside of my work is decorated.
My predilection for filling areas and the use of gold leaf attracts me to the work of Gustav Klimt.


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