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Decorative Wooden Jewelry Box – Captain Peacock


This decorative wooden jewelry box, representing a proud peacock, is a color full addition for every room.
It also can be used as storage furniture for precious keepsakes.


Decorative wooden jewelry box

With this decorative wooden jewelry box I wanted to make a combination of two earlier items.

It is the combination of a high freestanding box with straight legs and a displaying cabinet in which I used curved shovel handles.

Cabinet legs and shovel handles

After placing the 110 cm long shovel handles at the box it became obvious that this work had to become a proud, elegant animal. For depicting an animal, the curved shovel handles brought in an extra dimension of movement in its expression.

Placing a curved cupboard leg at the front side of the box made this cupboard leg look like the neck of a big bird. So I had the base for a big proud bird.

Having made cabinets with a peacock decoration before it became obvious to me that this box had to become a peacock.

When this decorative wooden box was finished it reminded me at the of the role of Captain Peacock played by Frank Thornton in the TV series "Are you all ready being served". 



Decorative Wooden Box - Peacock

This decorative wooden box, representing a proud peacock, is a colour full addition for every room and also can be used as storage furniture for precious keepsakes.

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