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Decorative Cabinet – Moonflower


This decorative cabinet has 2 drawers and 3 lockable doors. The part of the locks on the inside of the doors are gold plated. In 2 of the 3 cupboards there is also a glass shelve, which provide extra storage. The 2 cupboard legs at the back are slightly placed to the front so there is room for the baseboards and you can place this cabinet directly at the wall.

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Decorative cabinet

The title of this small decorative cabinet, “Moonflower”, is a fantasy name.

Mountain tops arise in bright colors from the bottom of this solid wooden cabinet.

On top of each peak stands a flower. But it is not quite sure if the moon is shining on the flower or that the flower is shining itself like the moon.

The moon shining on the flowers is possible on planet earth.

But maybe the flowers are situated not on earth, but on the moon.

Creating art means that everything is possible.
There is also a decorative cabinet SNOWFLOWER, with the same pattern but using white paint and a natural background.

And a cabinet NIGHTFLOWER, with the same pattern but using black paint on a natural background.


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