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Decorative Painted Wood Juwelry Box-White Lace Peacock


One of a kind decorative painted juwelry wood box for precious keepsakes. Representing a white peacock with a lace pattern and black peacock at the inside. 


Decorative painted wood juwelry box

This decorative painted wood juwelry box with lid is the third object in the "Walking chests" series.

The first painted box was image of the blue peacock, "Captian Peacock".
Because white peacocks also exist and appeal to me in a different way than the colored peacock, I also wanted to portray the white peacock. To capture his proud, regal appearance in a static snapshot.

Peacocks are mainly kept for their decorative appearance. The loud screeching they make is not very attractive.

But when they spread their tail they are an explosion of beauty.
The blue and green peacock with their range of powerful fluorescent colors and distinctive contrasting 'peacock eyes'.
The white peacock with his huge snow-white fan.
No typical peacock eyes here, but a subtle change in the pattern of the feathers. A tail like a virgin white fan made of lace.





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