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Wooden Box-Digging The Universe


Painted wooden box with lid standing on 4 spade handles. Depiction of our solar system with the Earth and planets and expression of human influence.  


Wooden box Digging the Universe

This wooden box with lid stands on 4 spade shanks with the handle of the spade shank on the floor.
While when using a shovel one grasps the spade handle by the handle and inserts the shovel downwards into the earth.

The title of this work: “Digging in the universe”,
is a metaphor for the exploration, research and other activities that take place in the universe beyond our earth and atmosphere.

And the universe is immeasurably large.

The earth has been dug since the dawn of humanity.
But the Earth is also big and should in principle be big enough for humanity.
But the earth is not. This because of our lifestyle and large number of people.
And by our attitude towards stewardship of the earth.

Due to the way we treat our living environment, “the earth”, it has long been clear that the earth is not in good condition.
There is serious contamination of soil and water with, among other things, PFAS.
And the high concentration of CO2 in the air is the cause of climate change.

One of the last untouched places on our planet are the deepest seas.
This was because there were no technical means to explore the deepest seas.
But now that this is technically possible, consideration is being given to how to exploit these areas;
deep-sea mining for metals and minerals.

This vulnerable nature, about which not much is known yet, is then disturbed.

The space belongs to everyone and no one.
The result is that after the launch of the first satellite in 1957, now, in 2023, there is already an annoying amount of space debris.

Space debris or space pollution is man-made waste that exists in space, outside the Earth's atmosphere.
It can vary from paint chips or metal particles, to no longer needed covers of satellite instruments, bolts or springs, to a complete discarded artificial moon or a rocket stage.

And mining on the moon is also being considered.
Examination of soil samples from the moon's surface must reveal whether rare, and therefore valuable, materials are present and which we can use here on Earth.
And whether they can be exploited profitably.

To put it melodramatically, I conclude that the earth is bleeding.
Our living environment is seriously threatened and even becoming hostile by all the changes resulting from human actions on earth.
Too dry, too wet, too hot.

And now the exploitation of the moon is also in the spotlight.

But in what way and with what consequences?
Fortunately, the universe is immensely large!


Organic Sculpture-Wasserschlange

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Product Brand: Unicorn Creation wood art

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