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Wooden Sculpture-White Cliffs Of Dover

This wooden sculpture is an organic decorative object that evokes a relaxed holiday feeling. Sun, beach and a gently lapping sea will come to your mind! 
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Wooden sculpture

A nice block of wood had been in my house for my two cats for several years.

A decent sized log with a thick bark, ideal for a cat manicure.

But unfortunately, my two sweethearts preferred the solid carpet.

Since we don't have a fireplace, I couldn't light this log either. And throwing it away wasn't an option for me.

On one of our holidays to England, we took the ferry from Calais to Dover. As you approach England by sea, the imposing, straight-up white cliffs of Dover appear.

And so two things came together: a block of wood that had lain on its flat side in the house for years and a trip to England.

When I put the log upright, it got a different look and so inspired me to this wooden sculpture. It became a high rock wall with a small inlet that could provide shelter for a boat.




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