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Wooden Boxes-Mont Blanc


Turret of three wooden boxes standing on top of each other. Painted and decorated with leaf foil and crystal stones that together form the Mont Blanc.

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Decorative wooden boxes

Wooden boxes come in all shapes and sizes.

In my version these three boxes on legs and with lids  belong together.
The wooden boxes run from large to small and fit exactly together. This creates a turret of boxes.
Because the boxes stand on legs, a transparency is created in the whole.

Painted pattern

Because they are painted with the same pattern, they unmistakably belong together. Despite the difference in color use running from dark to light.

Together these wooden boxes represent the Mont Blanc.

The Mont Blanc (French for white mountain) is the highest peak of the Alps, in the Mont Blanc massif named after him. The Mont Blanc is 4807.81 meters high, including the snow on the top.

In my presentation of this mountain, it rises from the valley, where there is no snow in the summer. With straight roads of dark colored asphalt in the flat valley.
Via the rolling hills the mountain slowly builds up to the steep mountain walls to the peak of the mountain.


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