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Small bits of information about an artist’s life

Introduction: I have to write blogs

What I like to do

Although I am a creative person, writing is not really my thing. My creativity is expressed through wood and paint. And I like beautiful and good quality objects.
The wooden objects made by me with great care are all unique.
They are the result of a hunch (= inspiration) which I then want to materialize into a tangible thing.


Therefor I need a base. This means making working drawings, sawing wood to size, assembling and sanding. In this process I have already taken into account whether the form that is created matches the painting that I want to apply. All this is the best part of being an artist !

Things I have to do – marketing

But I also want to bring my work to the attention of art-loving buyers.
Being a small self-employed person, which I am as an artist after all, my job does not only involve being busy with the fun things. I have to be a marketing manager as well.

But how? For example by requesting attention in newspapers and magazines, participating in art fairs and exhibiting in galleries. But besides physically presenting work at exhibitions or in galleries, we also have the internet !!!

Things I have to do – online

As an older person who didn’t grow up with the internet, my attitude towards the online world is somewhat ambivalent. On the one hand I can see the enormous possibilities that are available online, on the other hand I now know from experience how difficult and labour-intensive it is to make use of this possibilities well.


For years I had a nice website that looked pretty good. Nice photos and descriptions of the posted items. But unfortunately, few visitors.
Because I collected information about the art of what a good website is, I decided at the beginning of 2020 to get started with a professional in website science, Poulomi.


Her analysis of my old website revealed that behind the scenes much was wrong (actually everything) and what the “god” Google was not happy about. For Google, I was not a member of his club and therefore did not consider it necessary to direct internet users to my website.

Poulomi has kindly taken me by the hand and introduced me to the regime of search engines. A good website looks inviting and is customer-friendly.
But to be found and seen on the internet is another matter.
For this, the structure of the website must be well put together, the use of the right keywords, good size of the photos, internal and external links and the amount of TEXT. Etc. etc. So we had a lot of things to work on.

But hooray!, Google now regularly visits my website AND alerts searchers on the internet to the existence of my website.

All this has made having a website, a good website, a lot more labour intensive. But I can say more detailed about this work and/or other activities in subsequent blogs.
But all this takes up a lot of time that I cannot spend on my core business: creating sculptures and small utensils like cabinets and boxes.


And Google is like a caterpillar that has never enough. Always wanting more, and especially TEXT.
The objects on my website naturally also include text. Logical is information about sizes and materials. But also indicate what the inspiration was for the object in question. Or pointing out details. Preferably clear and compact. Therefor the amount of text is not excessive. But if I want Google to visit my website more often to “eat” I will have to serve him more text.
Fortunately the phenomenon of BLOGS exists to increase the amount of text and thus serve Google.
Poulomi has repeatedly pointed out to me the importance of more text on the website. After long hesitation and delay on my part and deliberation about what to write about, see the result here for more text for my website.
So here’s my first blog and how it came to this.

And I hope Google is happy with me.

Have a nice day, Anita