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Organic Sculpture-Wasserschlange

Organic sculpture inspired by Gustav Klimts painting Wasserschlangen 2. Construction of main figure and colorful background in wood, paint and gold leaf.


Organic Sculpture Wasserschlange

Inspiration comes from all sides.
At the great exhibition of Gustav - Klimt, inspired by Van Gogh, Rodin, Matisse - in the fall of 2022 in Amsterdam also hung his painting Wasserschlangen 2.

When I looked at the main figure in the painting I immediately recognized in this the shape of cabinet legs with which I have already made several sculptures. 
Immediately there was the challenge of executing the seductive look of this painted nude figure in wood. 
With the somewhat contrived look from beneath a substantial head of hair looking at the viewer obliquely upwards. The shapely naked body with the creamy white skin.
Translating this from a two-dimensional image to a 3-dimensional organic sculpture.



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